International Space Station Commander Opens Up About His UFO Sighting In Space | Collective-Evolution

Leroy Chiao, commander of the International Space Station in 2005 recently opened up about his UFO sighting from space. They were 230 miles above the Earth, and traveling at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour when Chiao spotted a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Chiao told the Huffington post: “I saw some lights that seemed to be in a line and […]

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“Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication” | NASA

By Douglas A. Vakoch Addressing a field that has been dominated by astronomers, physicists, engineers, and computer scientists, the contributors to this collection raise questions that may have been overlooked by physical scientists about the ease of establishing meaningful communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence. These scholars are grappling with some of the enormous challenges that will face humanity if an […]

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