A politician in Sri Lanka says a team of “white gentlemen” from an international space agency tried to steal meteor fragments that prove alien life exists in order to hide from the world that “creationism is a blatant lie.”

According to the Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror newspaper, Minister Wimal Weerawansa, the leader Sri Lanka’s Jathika Nidahas Peramuna political party, told a crowd at a temple that the attempted theft was part of western creationists’ attempt to undermine Buddhist teachings of the universe.

He says, ” This team attempted to take hold of this valuable evidence almost immediately after local scientists had made this vital discovery.”

“Why did they do this?” he asked. “It’s because they don’t want the world to know that creationism is a blatant lie. When it is proven that life outside planet earth exists, creationism would turn into a lie. This was a fact that was initially declared and proven by the Buddha and his teachings on the universe,” he said.

The alleged attempt to steal the meteor fragments has apparently not made it into western news as of yet. However, the claims that the meteor fragments hold evidence for extraterrestrial life have.

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via Space agency attempted to steal evidence of extraterrestrial life, claims Sri Lankan politician – Openminds.tv.

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