Lunar Lore : Complete Series One

Episode One


First in a new series from Vivid Pictures, Lunar Lore Episode One

Exploring the various theories and legends associated with the Moon, Lunar Lore : Episode One begins by establshing the idea that there are severe problems with the photographic record of the Apollo Moon Landings. These inconsistencies have led many to believe that man may never have walked on the moon, in addition they have catalyzed a wealth of theories, stories, legends and lore as to what is really up there and what may be being kept from us.

Episode Two

In this episode we will explore the various examples of Lunar hoax footage and photographs that have seemingly been inspired by the many photographic anomalies in the official NASA record. These hoaxes have fired the imagination of countless online researchers, in no small part due to certain elements being supported by independent investigation. the question is: If the official NASA record wasn’t so littered with problems, would these hoaxed videos even exist?

Episode Three

Episode three of our increasingly popular series Lunar Lore. This episode deals with the anomalous lights and moving objects on the moon. Who or what could be the cause?

Episode Four

In this episode we explore some of the various theories concerning the origins of the Moon, from current scientific assumptions to ancient tribal lore. The Moon’s existence remains a mystery to this day, resembling no other known celestial body in the Solar System. Could there be a great secret surrounding the appearance of the moon in our orbit?

Episode Five

In this episode we re-visit the LCROSS mission from 2009 in which NASA bombed a crater at the lunar pole apparently in search of water. Evidence has emerged that all is not as it seems with LCROSS and there may be reason to suspect covert mining operations in several craters on the lunar surface. The evidence we will show will make you wonder “Why did NASA bomb the Moon?”

Episode Six

In the final episode of the series, we cast our attention to China’s recent landing of Change’3 and Yutu Jade Rabbit on the Lunar surface. Although in the early stages of the mission, speculation is rife: Will China’s Moon mission be plagued with similar widespread doubts as Apollo? To round off the series we will see that much of the theories and ideas we have covered so far have their origins long before the birth of the internet. Vivid Pictures proudly presents – Lunar Lore : Episode Six – Journey of the Jade Rabbit

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